TOP 5 NFT Projects | The Next 100x Investment

  • October 5, 2018

NFT sales surge to $10.7Billion in Q3! And can we sustain this rally in the Q4 of 2021? 

And if so, how can you make money out of it?? Are you too late to the NFT craze? What are the projects you can get in on that can 100x your investment? 

That’s what we’re going to find out.

It’s been a great week for the crypto space, BTC and ETH breaking their resistance. I hope you’ve gained some as well. 

And of course NFTs as well, are red hot right now. With more and more projects launching almost everyday. Even celebrities and influencers are finally realizing the insane possibilities with digitized assets.

Today we’re going to talk about NFT projects that can significantly increase in value and how you can make an income off of them.  I’m talking about projects that can be 10x 20x even 100x your initial investment.

Before we start, nothing in this video is financial advice. Everything is for education and entertainment purposes only. Do your own research and have fun. 

With that being said, let’s get started!


We’ve talked about it in our previous video, and I’m going to say it again. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The more we are moving to a decentralized space people will want to have more digitized assets.

1. Doge Pound

One good example of successful NFT is the Doge Pound 

As you can see literally in just a few months, the floor price of .03 ETH skyrocketed to 3.8 ETH! That’s a massive increase of over 1,000%!!

Most people are just holding this NFTs in their wallet and are not selling. And most people have only 1 or 2 Doge Pound in their wallet and that’s very crucial in the long term.

It simply means that this project is hard to manipulate by few individuals in the scene. We have a nice balance of supply and demand with this project.

What’s even more exciting, is the developers of Doge Pound allow exclusive access to holders of these NFTs in the pre-sale of new projects and merchandise that will be launched by celebrities, influencers, and more.

This simply means you’ll have early access and be getting a way cheaper price before these NFTs and projects become available to the public. And that just means more income and profit for you because it is virtually impossible for you to lose money in the secondary market if you get these stuff below the minting price.

2. The Yakuza Cats Society

[Scroll to the NFT page in Opensea as the script goes on]

Next up on our list is the Yakuza Cats Society.

The Yakuza Cats Society is a profile picture NFT that features great artwork with lots of variation. 

[Show stats]

Looking at the stats, it has a good amount of people getting into it. With roughly over 4,000 different wallet addresses which is a healthy supply and demand if we put into perspective. Currently it is sitting at a floor price of .2 to .3 .

The good thing about this project is you can stake your Yakuza Cat NFTs and then earn some rewards.

Aside from OpenSea, there is another marketplace worth noting: iMMUTABLE X.

iMMUTABLE X is a layer 2 protocol that runs in the Ethereum blockchain. That allow faster transactions with way less transaction fees. In fact, you don’t even have to pay a gas fee to transact in iMMUTABLE.

One project that stands out in iMMUTABLE is


It is another profile picture collection with tons of great artwork. The krows are currently sitting at the floorprice of .56-.58ETH. Personally, I think it is way cheap for its potential.

Krows are one of the first projects here at iMMUTABLE X and iMMUTABLE X is just getting started. They have announce partnership with Tiktok to boost the visibility and provide traffic to this site.

And what’s amazing is that Mood Krows can set a benchmark for this platform and it is not impossible since people always follow innovation.

 iMMUTABLE is fast and cheap. It’s simple. People will slowly transition to innovative solutions and it is up to you whether you can position yourself accordingly.


One great project that caught my attention in immutable is this Astrobro NFT. 2 Things that makes it standout: 1. It is Pixelart and 2. It is Animated!

If you are following the NFT’s space, cool projects like these that have great creators behind it that pour their hearts out in these NFTs, eventually the public will take notice of these NFTs. 

According to their roadmap, they may develop a game that will add utility for these cool NFTs. The floor price is currently at .14ETH which is fairly small compared to other projects and you should totally consider Astrobro. 

5. Monsterbuds

Ok next on our list is the Monsterbuds.

Monsterbuds is an NFT monster collection where you can breed, grow and smoke your Monsterbuds. It really has some cool concepts and mechanics. 

If you go to their website: You can grow buds using their first drop of NFTs. These seeds will then grow eventually to become a monster.

Aside from the quirky little seed concept, you can also breed buds to generate totally new NFTs and you can also collect fees when you allow others to breed with your NFTs. This is some cool way to earn a little bit of income on the side. 

These cool mechanics attract people to join a community and eventually drive the demands of these NFTs up.

And if we check their roadmap, it has a plan to implement gaming mechanics. It doesn’t say a lot about the battle system but if the devs will be able to deliver a fully functioning game, then holders of this NFT will see the floor price skyrocket in no time. 

As you can see, alot of NFT projects are coming up with their own twist to make these artworks usable and have more value. NFTs can now be a pass of some sort, can be a club membership, exclusive access to merch or events and more. Some NFT projects will allow you to play games or earn some rewards or airdrops.

But no matter what the case is, Make sure that you really really love the NFT that you are buying. NFT space is similar to cryptocurrency, they are socially driven.

So you need to set up a plan if you want to profit from it. Take profit when you are happy with the current floor price or hold for long term if you really believe in the community and hope for the developers to finish its roadmap. 

What NFT projects do you think are undervalued right now? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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