How to become a certified Blockchain Expert?

  • October 23, 2020


Every day, the need for blockchain experts grows. Many corporate firms are currently seeking employees with blockchain understanding. Furthermore, because only a few people understand how to manage blockchain networks, the demand for blockchain experts is at an all-time high.

Understanding the significance of certification and the best procedures for obtaining one can help individuals discover long-term opportunities in blockchain technology. Blockchain is a futuristic technology, and businesses need to know that someone has the necessary knowledge to assist them. So, whatever your concerns, the following discussion may be able to point you in the right direction for obtaining blockchain certification.

Who exactly is a Blockchain Expert?

To begin, let’s define who a blockchain expert is in the first place. In basic terms, a blockchain expert understands how all blockchain platform’s function, is a programming language master and can integrate corporate blockchain solutions into existing businesses.

They can also manage all of the protocols and restrictions that a blockchain system must adhere to. A blockchain expert also understands the principles of blockchain and may apply their expertise to new business models. Furthermore, a blockchain expert would also need to understand the fundamentals of the technology, smart contracts, blockchain security, consensus algorithms and techniques, use cases, etc. You can’t possibly be a blockchain expert without these bits of information. As a result, understanding how to become a blockchain expert is critical.

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Salary of A Blockchain Expert

Let’s look at the wage situation for blockchain experts before getting into the measures you need to follow to become a blockchain expert.

As you might expect, the pay scale for blockchain experts is huge. In truth, the need for their services continues to rise year after year. As a result, the range of salaries continues to expand.

In any case, it usually varies between $68k and $108k each year! You may also anticipate starting with more than $60k per year in a firm if you are a beginner. As a result, the more experience or expertise you get, the higher your compensation will be.

It all boils down to the firm itself in the end. Anyway, enough about the certified blockchain expert salaries; now let’s look at how you can use all of the talents that blockchain professionals possess.

Steps to Take to Become a Blockchain Expert: 

Understanding Technology and Enterprise businesses

Jobs as a blockchain expert need a broad understanding of both blockchain technology and business strategies. You won’t get a decent position at a major company if all you know how to do is utilize or build technology. Why? First, it would be best to comprehend how these businesses operate to use your ideas to make them more efficient. In truth, only by understanding how to combine these two fields can you fully master it.

Understanding Distributed and Decentralized Ledgers

It’s critical to understand distributed ledgers and decentralized networks. You must be aware of the differences between the two technologies and when they should be used. As a result, you should begin to learn how these various ledgers operate. You should also be aware of how to use these solutions in certain circumstances. It would be difficult to comprehend them without studying the whitepapers or taking a course on the subject.

Specialize in Various Programming Languages

If you don’t know how to utilize computer languages, you won’t become a blockchain expert. As a result, familiarity with several programming languages is also required. This is one of the most critical aspects of your successful living. Being a professional in multiple programming languages is required for all blockchain expert positions. As a result, you should prioritize studying Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, Solidity, and other programming languages.

Develop Cross-Discipline Broad Skills

Having merely technical knowledge, on the other hand, would not help you obtain a decent career. You must also be keen to improve your broad cross-discipline talents. What are these abilities, you might wonder? These abilities include creative thinking, flexibility, efficiency analysis, agility, DevOps, and so on. You can’t strategize for your blockchain solutions without these abilities, as you undoubtedly know. As a result, honing them will allow you to show off your skills even more throughout the interview process.

Understanding Blockchain Architecture Patterns

Understanding how the various blockchain architectural patterns operate is the next stage in your journey. To do so, you must dissect them one by one and examine the core of each one. You do not need to become a blockchain architect, but you should read case studies as they can tremendously assist you. You may also enrol in online classes to better comprehend these patterns.

Learning About Blockchain Ecosystems and Standards

Different blockchain systems use different standards. It would help if you became acquainted with all of them. You may need to incorporate interoperability with other networks in the future. As a result, it may cause a slew of issues with your solutions if you adopt any new standards. As a result, learning to utilize and explain common standards is a significant benefit. You’ll need to research several blockchain ecosystems as well.

Choosing A Certification

You’d finally gotten rid of all your reservations about a blockchain career, and you’d moved on to the next issue. Many certification companies provide trustworthy blockchain certificates for various blockchain-related job positions. It is, nevertheless, critical to select a certification that can assist you in obtaining the accreditation of a certified blockchain professional. Make sure the certificate: 

  • Prepares you to use blockchain technology to meet growing business needs.
  • Assist you in comprehending the business value that blockchain technology brings to company processes.
  • It gives your CV a competitive edge by recognizing you as an industry leader.
  • Provides the essential hands-on experience to meet the demands of real-world settings.
  • Establishes a solid foundation for an individual’s ability to create corporate blockchain solutions.

Final Verdict

It may be tough to choose a certification to become a certified blockchain expert. However, by considering some variables, you may be able to make the best decision. Examine your current talents to see whether they apply to the blockchain world. The most acceptable methods for selecting a blockchain professional certification and practical preparation tactics might provide significant benefits. Above all, experience with real-world use cases combined with community support might result in substantial benefits.